Are you ready for lean?


So many express their commitment to lean, yet so few carry it out? Why?

Lean is not for everybody. Lean initiative after lean initiative we find that some prerequisites can’t be worked around:

  • Are you serious about becoming better?

    Or are you happy to survive today and live through tomorrow by being clever in batting away the curve balls thrown at you? A heartfelt commitment to the fact that there must be a better way, and we can achieve superior performance is the keystone of lean.

  • Are you convinced superior performance can be achieved from improvement?

    Or do you think that by better navigating in troubled matters you will find the missing performance point? Lean’s starting point is the deep understanding that first, non-performance is the outcome of our current work method, and that this current work method is the reflection of what we currently understand – and don’t. A commitment to self-development and improve how we work is the first step into lean.

  • Do you truly believe that the main cause of non performance is your relationship with your staff and colleagues?

    Or do you feel that if you had more committed and more competent people that just did what they’re told, all would be well? The ability to work with people, train them and listen to them so that they put their imprint on the development of the business is central to lean.

If you can’t tick these three boxes without second-guessing yourself or keeping your tongue in your cheek, lean is not for you.

Give up and look for an improvement approach better suited to your temperament – they are plenty around.

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