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  • Leaders make choices, managers take decisions

    Leaders make choices, managers take decisions

    Choosing to quit smoking is one thing, deciding not to have that cigarette is another. Chasing is a lifestyle choice, an orientation that is going to make your life better. Decisions is picking one among several options at any one […]

  • First find a leader, then think about flow

    This is probably the best example of kaizen I’ve ever seen so far: A few deep thoughts to think about: They don’t show you how to find a solution to the problem, they first tell you about George, his will […]

  • True lean leadership at all levels by Michael Ballé, Daniel Jones and Mike Orzen

    Our world has become fluid: everything changes all the time at the pace of a Twitter feed. Being the gray-suited company representative of a well thought of institution simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Success now hinges on personal leadership: persuading […]