• How can we improve productivity

    How can we improve productivity

    What is the point of making people work harder or longer if you don’t have more demand

  • Standard Work

    Standard Work

    Basic job elements + basic skills + deep knowledge + kaizen

  • Gemba or Genchi Genbutsu?

    Gemba or Genchi Genbutsu?

    What’s the difference between Gemba or gentchi genbutsu? The real question is: What do we go to the Gemba to do?

  • Everything you need to know about the Obeya

    Everything you need to know about the Obeya

    Observe, orient, decide and act! Obeya is about better observation and discussion for better decisions.

  • Do I need a Sensei?

    Do I need a Sensei?

    Do I need a Lean sensei? The sensei gets you to learn what you need to learn, not what you want to learn.

  • What is Andon?

    What is Andon?

    Andon is about a commitment to standard work.

  • It all starts with Takt Time

    As time goes by fact becomes legend and legend becomes myth. Takt time is one of the core concepts of lean, which origins are now misted in myth – uncertain and unknowable, but thought-provoking anyhow. Legend has it that Ohno […]

  • Creating a kinder, wiser work environment

    Lean is a heartfelt commitment to completely eliminate waste from work. The biggest waste being failed relationships and dumb decisions, lean isn’t about slash and burn cost reduction, it’s about creating a kinder, wiser work environment where every person has […]

  • Lean is a CEO practice

    The first thing his sensei told my father when they started working together was that the great weakness of TPS was that it rested entirely on the plant managers. Years later, this statement turns out to be confirmed, time and […]

  • The fight for the meaning of “lean”

    A few lean ideas have indeed spread well beyond the lean movement. “Batch is bad and flow is good” is still hard to do in practice, but is no longer disputed. Improvement (whatever that means!) is a key part of […]